Pierre BALLAIS invites you to the exploration of his pictural universe through three distinct themes.

    First the painter encounters his feminine models with languid caresses, in curves, carefully studied attitudes on which your gaze does not rest long, compelled by the invitation to penetrate the mystery of emotions.

    As for the couples, they seem to face you with the desire to tell you their stories.

    Objects are carefully chosen so as to convey sounds, like the rattling of clogs or tap-dancing shoes, the tinkling of glasses. Saxophones or basses accompany groups where characters apparently knitted together move about in subtly cloured prisms.

    The varied shades of blue plays with depths, and the palette of yellows captures light to create a muffled atmosphere where movement only stops with each stroke of the paint brush.

    It's up to you to bring back the rhythm !


September 2000